Mimmi & Pimu the Poodles

Introducing Mimmi the Miniature Poodle & Pimu the Toy Poodle. This adorable duo was the star of last Thursday’s first photoshoot. As I told you in the previous post, the owner of Nana the Dachshund shared our model search with fellow care dogs. From there we received so many model candidates that Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday all had two photoshoots scheduled (and due to decent weather also completed).

In these pictures the scenery is a bit different from our previous photos since I took a little trip and visited another part of the town where Mimmi & Pimu live. This was also the first shoot where I got to use our smallest bow size, which apparently is quite perfect for the smaller poodles!

Natural White Dotted Bow, Size XS  *HERE*
Light Pink Dotted Bow, Size XS  *HERE*

Nana the Dachshund

Last Sunday we had a sunny bow photoshoot with Nana the 10-year-old Dachshund. She was our oldest model so far and absolutely adorable, like all of our furry models. We took some photos of our brand new strawberry and pineapple bows. They are not available yet, but I’ll be listing them to our shop when I finish making them in every size. You can see our current bow selection HERE.

After our shoot Nana’s owner kindly shared our model search post to a group full of care dogs and we received a huge amount of requests from aspiring dog models. I can’t wait to photograph each of them and show you the results. But in the mean time you get to enjoy these lovely pictures of Nana!

Hilma & Paavo the English Bulldogs

Here’s a little treat for all the bulldog lovers out there. Introducing Paavo & Hilma the English bulldogs.

Pink Dotted Bow, size S  *HERE*

Orange Dotted Necktie, size M  *HERE*

Heart Necktie, size M  *HERE*

If your pup is desperately in need of a festive accessory, you can find many colorful bow and tie designs in our shop. We accept custom orders too so you can get something unique just for your best friend!

Tie Photoshoot with Leo the Flatcoated Retriever

We had the honor to have Leo the pawsome flatcoated retriever as our first environmental photoshoot model. He was really calm and happy, the pawfect model to work with. We took some wonderful pictures for our large dog tie listings.

You can find all of our large dog accessories HERE.

Tropical Necktie, size L  *HERE*

Natural White Necktie, size L  *HERE*

Red & White Striped Necktie, size L  *HERE*

Yellow & Gray Necktie, size L  *HERE*